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The Power Of Choice

Hi all! Here's your weekly dose of the most useful resources I find about medicine, thinking, learnin
The Weekly Cue
The Power Of Choice
By Martin Verbic • Issue #11 • View online
Hi all!
Here’s your weekly dose of the most useful resources I find about medicine, thinking, learning and success.

My article: The Power Of Choice (1 min read)
Every day, we can choose how we feel and what we do. We can affect our mood and actions for better or for worse. More often than not we’re stuck in our mindset, refusing to escape it. Read it here.
The new autobiography from Richard Branson. This is a book that I recently picked up to read. I’ve listened to podcasts of Branson, maybe read an article about him. But this books is just awesome. He describes chapters from his business ventures and life and lets the reader get an insight into how he thinks and acts. It’s also a long time since I picked up a hardcover…which is a nice change.
I agree with what it has to say. It supports what I stand for when it comes to focusing on yourself. And then I also realised that most of my website visits come from Twitter (follow me here) and asked myself why bother with all platforms if only one covers most of it? And decided to not post on Facebook and Instagram for a while. Newsletter stays, don’t worry.
AI in Medicine: Ada
When I was in Berlin I saw some strange advertisements for an app called “Ada”. I only realised what it was after I checked out their website and downloaded their app. It turns out this is a health companion developed by German doctors and scientists that can perform an early-stage diagnosis and recommend the next step. This has huge applications all over the field of medicine, from lowering the amount of work for doctors to making medicine personalised. While still leaving the doctor in charge.
Seth Godin, the marketing guru, who writes a blog post every day. In this particular one, he discusses education and learning. Whereas education is something formal and something that some people pay a lot of money for, learning is self-directed and in some way not connected to education.
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