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Fishing For Improvement

Hi all! This is my weekly email newsletter containing my own thoughts, stories, ideas, articles and e
The Weekly Cue
Fishing For Improvement
By Martin Verbic • Issue #2 • View online
Hi all!
This is my weekly email newsletter containing my own thoughts, stories, ideas, articles and experiences about thinking, learning and performing.

This week’s email is all in light of the sea since I’m currently in Croatia. I can’t help but notice connections between thinking, learning and performing, and my activities there.
One of my main activities is fishing. And I’ve been fishing since I can remember. Waiting in expectation for the fish to bite in calm early mornings and late afternoons has proved over and over to be like meditation to me. There’s not much to think about if you did all the necessary stuff to maximize the possibility to make a catch. So you turn on the inside, exploring your thoughts and enjoying time with yourself or whoever your fishing partner may be. That’s where new stories, ideas and thoughts arise. The thing to keep in mind is the mentality. It takes a lot of time to catch a fish, but approaching it with a sense of lightness, rather than nervousness, brings results.
This is exactly what I learned…not being too serious and making it an occasion to devote time to it. Perhaps even being a bit positive-minded, but not expecting much. It yields results, it has for me. I recently learned the feeling of how it is to catch a bigger fish, 27cm and half a kilogram, which for shore fishing is pretty formidable. But just as with everything, this was a work in progress. Not exactly work, but trial, error, and finally success (compounding knowledge and failure, in a way). It’s a confirmation that it’s possible and it brings me a sense of satisfaction and a boost in morale. 
Even though there’s not much physical performing during shore fishing, there is a lot of nuances involved, especially timing. And just altering the timing of the counter (which hooks the fish) can have a significant impact on the realisation of the catch. I believe improving here has been the game-changer for me…being a bit faster.
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Martin Verbic

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