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Climbing Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain

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Climbing Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain
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Hi all!
This is my weekly email newsletter containing my own thoughts, stories, ideas, articles and experiences about thinking, learning and performing.

On July 15th at 11:47 AM I reached the top of Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain at 2864m. This now apparently makes me a true Slovenian, after 20 years…
The top
The top
It changed my perception of the Slovenian mountains. I used to hike moderately when I was younger, but never in the region where Triglav is situated. As Slovenians, I think we don’t realise how beautiful our nature is and especially our mountains are. I didn’t realise this until now. 
But this hike also taught me a lot as well. I learned that the mountains cannot be underestimated, kind of like the sea. Nothing should be for that matter, as it usually leads to poor results. But specifically for mountains, I now know that I’ll never again let the mountains surprise me. Whether that’s food, the path taken or especially the weather. A true example of learning from experience. Something I wrote about in the post about faliure.
Physically reaching the top was just as demanding as mentally reaching it. Physically, because the hike took 11 hours and 35 kilometres (made in one day). But mentally, it took a lot of nerve to reach the top in the circumstances present (the fog and the cold). I challenged myself to perform physically and mentally at my very best to safely reach the top and descend from it.

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