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Back To Basics

Hi all! This is my weekly email newsletter containing my thoughts, stories, ideas, articles and exper
The Weekly Cue
Back To Basics
By Martin Verbic • Issue #5 • View online
Hi all!
This is my weekly email newsletter containing my thoughts, stories, ideas, articles and experiences. I discuss learning, psychology, medicine and success.

First, a Sneak Peak
A book came out in August titled “What It Takes to Be Free”. It’s written by a Dutch blogger, Darius Foroux. I highly recommend you check out his website, a million people read his articles every month. But more importantly, I’m in the process of interviewing him in one of my future posts. Since you’re my subscribers, you’ll be the first to know about it. Stay tuned!
Back To Basics
I’ve tried everything. I read books about SEO, marketing, blogging, but my website is still not where I want it to be. Truth be told, I’m not sure where and when I want it to be. So I applied the good old strategy of going back to basics. Your patience is appreciated.
But enough of self-pity.
When should you apply the going back to basics strategy? When you see no way forward. Go back to the articles, books, blogs and people that made you start and inspired you in the first place. It brings you back that feeling of foolishness. And the mindset of an amateur and a beginner. A mindset that should’ve been there the whole time for optimal results. To not get ahead of ourselves. I most certainly did.
I first read about the beginner’s mindset on a blog by Ali Abdaal, a doctor and Youtuber from Cambridge. That’s also one of the blogs that inspired me to start my website. After that, I also read a book by Austin Kleon, titled Show Your Work. He writes about being an amateur your whole life and that you should just share what you do. And that’s enough to build a following.
These two resources popped into my head when I saw no way forward. I thought about what I’m doing wrong on my website non-stop. Is the title OK? Are the colours fine? How about that description? Should I change the design or not?
There’s probably none of that. So I went in the opposite direction. I removed everything, but the essentials. I came back to the basics. The foundations of why I had the website. I reread my original resources. I don’t know why, but I already feel better.
Do you see no way forward with your project or goal? Have you considered going back to the basics? I’m curious about what brought you there. Reply to this email and tell me. Then try it out.
I’m currently abroad on Interrail through Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague. I was pleasantly surprised and excited about trains throughout most of Europe…until it got worse. And 5 hours more to Paris than planned. But at least now fewer things can go wrong, right? Or not? I post daily updates on Twitter (in light of going back to basics).
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From a medical student for the curious and eager to learn. The Weekly Cue is a weekly newsletter with resources about medicine, thinking, learning and success that resonated with me. It aims to teach something new with every issue.

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